The Democratic Republic of Congo, or DRC as it is more commonly known, lies in the heart of sub-saharan Africa. It is one of the poorest countries in the world and has some of the highest rates of malnutrition and child mortality. Years of conflict between the Congolese Army and different rebel groups have ravaged the country, particularly in the east where DRC borders Uganda and Rwanda. This conflict has claimed more than five million lives making it the planet's deadliest war since World War II. In addition to the conflict, crippling poverty, corrupt governments, and widespread HIV/AIDS has resulted in over 4 million orphans. While the local communities do what they can to provide for these orphans, they still remain in desperate need of the most basic provisions such as food, clean water and medical services.

Our mission is very simple. Every child is entitled to certain basic rights - food, clean water, medicine, clothes, a safe place to sleep and an education. By building orphanages where they are needed or supporting orphans that live with host families, by building schools for orphans or sponsoring orphans to go to school and by donating supplies of clothes, shoes and toys and creating projects for the orphanages to support themselves to grow or buy their own food and get their own water we are ensuring that every orphan in DRC is given the chance to survive.