The orphans in DRC really need our help and with so many different ways to get involved, it couldn't be easier to show your support and help orphans in Congo today!


There are many items that the orphans desperately need that can be donated here in the UK including:


  • Clothes

  • Shoes

  • Toys (preferably small items that aren't too heavy)

  • Teddy bears / dolls

  • Bed sheets & towels

  • School uniforms (white shirts & blue skirts, shorts or trousers)

  • School bags, pencil cases and school supplies (pens, pencils, exercise books)


Do you have any items that you could donate? 


Please email to tell us what you would like to donate and where you live and we will arrange a collection. 


There are also things we need to pay for locally that we need help raising money for including:


  • Building orphanages

  • Building schools

  • Building clinics

  • Food

  • Milk formula for babies

  • Water filters

  • Goats, chickens and rabbits for breeding projects

  • Mattresses & blankets 

  • Creating projects to help orphanages make money for themselves


If you would like to help raise money for Congo Orphans Trust please email: to receive a sponsorship form. Please tell us who you are and how you will be raising money so we can include you in our blog.


The more people we have working with us, the more we can help orphans in the Congo so we welcome any help regardless of how much or how little time you can commit to. If you would like to get involved and work with the Congo Orphans Trust please email Hannah at