The amazing work we are able to do to help orphans in the Congo is only possible thanks to the incredibly generous donations that we receive, 100% of which go directly to the orphans. Please click on one of the links below to set up a monthly sponsorship or to make a one off donation.


Half of all children in DRC do not attend school because they can't afford the school fees and for orphans this number goes up to 100% in some areas because the community cannot afford the fees to educate them.


If you would like to donate just £3 per month to sponsor one of the children to attend school for a year then please email us at and and we can link you up directly with one of the children. To make the payment, click on the donate button below, enter £3 into the amount box and tick the box to set up a monthly donation.






Please also include a photo of yourself that we can give to the child so they know who is sponsoring them. In return you will receive a photo of the child and regular updates.


Any donation, no matter how small, can make a big difference to the lives of orphans in the Congo. 


Just £1 can feed an orphan for a whole day. £5 can buy a bed net to stop them from getting malaria. £10 can buy a chicken and £20 can buy a goat which they can use in breeding programmes to make money to buy food. £30 can buy milk formula for an orphan baby for a whole month and £50 can buy a water filter to provide all the orphans at the orphanage with clean drinking water.



Please click the donate button if you would like to make a donation online today.


On behalf of the orphans of Congo we want to say
THANK YOU for your generous donation!