Welcome to Congo Orphans Trust!


We are a non-profit organisation that provides homes and education to some of the 4 million orphans living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We also support them by ensuring that they have enough food, clean water and medicines and work with them to create projects that will enable them to become self sufficient. By educating people in the UK and around the world about what life is like for these orphans, we are raising support and funding to help build them a better future.

Our mission is simple. Every child is entitled to basic human rights including: food, water, medicine, a home and an education free from the dangers of war. This is what we are trying to give all orphans in Democratic Republic of Congo.

We currently have projects building orphanages, clinics and schools in 4 areas of eastern Congo and hope to expand into other areas as we receive more funding. We also continue to support orphans by paying for their education.

There are many ways you can help orphans in DRC from donating clothes, shoes and toys to sponsoring an orphan to go to school or by making a donation to one of our projects so we can build much needed orphanages and clinics.

Check out our blog to keep up to date with news of our projects in the congo at: